REVEREND David Kenney

Pastor David and his wife Joanna have been married since January 1, 2000 and have two boys; Dermott and Declan.

David describes himself as a teaching pastor who wants to make the bible “come alive.” His sermons are a blend of history and humor that seek to unlock scripture in a way that teaches you deep truths that are also relevant to your life.

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Originally a ride operator at Disneyland, David was called out to Texas in 2011 to follow the Lord's direction to lead and teach a church. Since then, it has been his hope that Walden Church be a place that you can call 'home.' 

Home is what a church is, it's more than a stage, great lights and coffee, a church is a community of people who love God and who love you. A church is for people who want to share life together.

Pastor David is available every Monday at 9 am for prayer and coffee, walk-ins welcome! 

Coming to Walden

David was called as Walden Community Church’s senior pastor in 2011.  

David Kenney first received his Masters of Pastoral Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California and was ordained as a reverend in 2007 by the Baptist Church. 

In the past, David has worked as an IT Tech for a large University and even as a ride operator for Disneyland, but through it all David has always found his calling as a minister to the local church.

You can listen to our weekly services here.


David will gladly make time to speak to you, he keeps morning office hours at the Church, Monday to Thursday from 8am-3pm. David is also available for local Montgomery Weddings as well as pastoral and marriage counseling.