REVEREND David Kenney

Pastor David and his wife Joanna have been married since January 1, 2000 and have two boys; Dermott and Declan.

David describes himself as a teaching pastor who wants to make the bible “come alive.” His sermons are a blend of history and humor that seek to unlock scripture in a way that teaches you deep truths that are also relevant to your life.

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Originally a youth worker and college pastor of over 15 years, David and his family were called out to Texas in 2011 to follow the Lord's direction to pastor a church. Since then, it has been his hope that Walden Community be a place where you can call 'home.' 

Home is what a church is, it's more than a stage, great lights and coffee, a church is a community of people who love God and who love you. A church is for people who want to share life together.

Pastor David is available every Monday at 9:30 am for prayer and coffee, walk-ins welcome!