Walden is a neighborhood church that wants to serve you and serve the Lord. We believe our one goal on earth is to love God more though worship and to love each other more though shared living. And if every member called begins to serve and minister, we’ll grow the kingdom with Christians who live the more and better life.

At our Church we want to continue the story of the Bible and the ministry of Jesus Christ by being a light to the Walden Community. We call that building something beautiful and when you’re ready we’d love to do it with you.  

Do you want to learn more? You can always listen to one of your favorite lessons in our sermon library, or you can discover how you fit in the Walden Church vision.


Walden Community Church is a non-denominational church. We are a self-governing church which follows Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and church tradition to inform our ministry. And while we are independent in our leadership, we are still ecumenical in our practice. We have members from all backgrounds including; Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Assembly of God, Catholic, and Wesleyan

We believe that our flexibility and freedom means that we can assess the needs of our neighborhood and adjust our ministries to meet those needs. 

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We also offer monthly classes that walk interested people through the steps of Christian discipleship, please feel free to attend any that interest you.