On May 5, 1983; nine people met for Bible study at the 18th hole clubhouse at Walden on Lake Conroe. Ten days later Neva Martin invited her brother, Rev Jack Treend to lead one of the studies and to preach a sermon. Soon after the service a meeting was called to establish a non-denominational church in the Walden community. 

Jack Treend was called to be the founding pastor and a plot of land located in the center of Walden was set aside for the building of what would be called Walden Community Church on Lake Conroe.

Fifteen people were among our first core members; Alvie & Pearl Gooch, Neva Martin, Peggy Myers, Edy Untermeyer, Chester & Rita Rossi, Bob & Mary Joe Lee, Rita Sullivan, Jack & Joan Edwards, Richard Pamariz, and Pastor Jack Treend and his wife Fran.

Two years later in 1985 a church building fund was started and one year from that on August 3, 1986 a ground breaking ceremony was already underway. Walden Community Church’s first services were held on March 22, 1987 in the new building.

Since that time, three other men have come alongside our family and contributed to the leadership and history of our church as Senior Pastor; Ken Ramey, Roy Joe Ham and Tom Golden.

Most recently, in July 2011, Walden called David Kenney who came to us all the way from California, as senior pastor. Today, under his leadership, WCC hopes to continue being a resource to the community, a center for discipleship and a church for you and your family.


At our Church we want to continue the story of the Bible and the ministry of Jesus Christ by being a light to the Walden Community. When you visit us, we hope you find an intimate core of friendly people who are dedicated to doing three things:

Loving God, and Loving Others (Matthew 22:37-40): we believe this simple creed fulfills Jesus' answer of the greatest commandment.

Developing More Christians and Better Christians (Matthew 28:19-20) the primary task of the church is to tell the world about Jesus' grace and to disciple those who have chosen to follow Him.

Equipping each Member to be a Minister (Exodus 19:6): sure we have a church staff, but we believe each person is called to serve one another with the gifts and talents that they have been given.

If you are interested in learning more about our church we encourage you to take a listen to our Sunday Morning Podcast read our statement of faith or church constitution or you can  always stop by for a visit! 

We look forward to seeing you.